Z GRILLS ZPG 450A Wood Pellet Grill Smoker Review

Z GRILL ZPG 450, which without any doubt can be termed as best when the topic of grilling meat and all arises. Z GRILL has arisen as one of the best brands in the market because of its attractive looking wood pellet grills, which ultimately brings customers to become loyal customers in the list that … Read more

How to Reverse Sear Meat – Is It The Solution to Overcooking Thick Cuts?

If you love extra thick cuts of meat, stick around. Here, you’ll learn the reverse sear, a vital technique for cooking to your desired doneness and achieving a savory and sensational crust without overcooking. Almost everyone who’s cooked a steak or chop knows about searing the outside of the meat for a few minutes and … Read more

What is Brisket – A Detailed Cut Profile and How Best to Cook it

What is brisket? Brisket is an old cut that’s been served and enjoyed for centuries. The Old English word for the cut is “brushk.” It was a delicacy that the Vikings enjoyed very much. We might be enjoying the same cut as the good old Vikings, but we certainly don’t cook it the same way. … Read more

Mastering the Texas Crutch – What is it and When Should I Use It?

An important technique to understand if you cook low and slow, the Texas Crutch can reduce cooking times and preserve moisture when you hit “the stall” during a long smoking session. They say patience is a virtue. As a parent, I say it’s essential. If you aren’t prepared for “Are we there yet?” on long … Read more