How To Fix Site Down Or Unavailable For Google AdSense in 2021

Step 1

Go To Your Blogger Basic Settings You Will See Edit Option
Inside Your Domain Click On It  And Check Redirect Option Is ticked Or Not If Not Then Click To Tick It Then Save It.

Step 2

Go To Godady Domain Dns Settings First Setup Forwarding
Setting See The In The Pics You Know How To Do it.

Step 3

Now Add four A-records which point to Google IPs.


Step 4

Copied The Code From Google AdSense And Go To Your Blogger Site And Then Go To Layout And Paste That Code In the Head And On Sidebar Click On the Add A Gadget You Will See s HTML/JavaScript Click on it And Paste That Code Also There And Click TO Save Then Click On Save Arrangement It
Make Sure Do Not Paste Code In the Theme html No Need To Paste Code In The Theme Html Just Paste It On Layout
After That Go To Your Adsense And submit Your Application Again It Will Be Fixed.