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How To Fix Site Down Or Unavailable Google AdSense For Blogger

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today I’m going to show you how to fix site down or unavailable How To Fix Site Down Or Unavailable Google AdSense For Blogger  just follow the steps with carefully

Site Down Or Unavailable

 So guy’s 70% people’s actually facing site down or unavailable issue and they don’t even know how to solved it if you’re also facing this issue then this is the right article for you I’m sure if you follow step’s with carefully you guys 100% will fix your site down or unavailable issue many user’s just attached the domain in the blogger website then leaved it they didn’t complete even domain atteching then they just post few articles then directly apply for google AdSense then after few hours or 24 hours they get the error site down or unavailable i tell you how to do it

Fixed site down or unavailable

First of  all you need to attech your domain properly in website  make sure you msut turn on the https  and make sure you must add google ip in domain dns  after this you need to go in blogger basic settings inside your custom domain you will see the edit option simple click on it and tik make on yes to redirect the domain to after this  click to on save  then you see the https option if its on NO  then Click to change it On YES then just wait 1 to 2 hours

How to Apply for Google AdSense 

Simple go to google AdSense  and click On site tab and then add site then paste your domain name only like this ( then click to add then you will have a code simple copy that code and go blogger template paste it in the head click to save it and then go to layout click to add gadget  then click html JavaScript and then paste that code also there then click to save arrangement to save it

If you didn’t understand by article then can follow the below pictures to fix your Site down or unavailable issue for google AdSense follow the pictures with carefully

Fix Site down or unavailable by seeing pictures 

Site down or unavailable for AdSense Solution Fixed,
Site down or unavailable for AdSense Solution Fixed 100%
Site down or unavailable for AdSense Solution Fixed 100%

So guy’s if you follow these all tips then I’m sure you will fix site down or unavailable  100% if you have any questions leave comment 

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